Who we are and what we do

Welcome to the website of Audiere! Journalists and other interested parties can get in touch with us via the Contacts section. 

On 7 April 2004 in Tartu, on the initiative of Professor Mart Kull, who is sadly no longer with us, the non-profit organisation ‘Audiere – Estonian Centre for Rehabilitation of Sensory Organs’ was founded with the aim of supporting different scientific projects of the Tartu University Hospital’s Ear Clinic Foundation, primarily the so-called implantation project.

Cochlear implant:

Cochlear implants are a true modern-day miracle of science: high-tech devices that allow deaf people to perceive sounds around them – to hear. These tiny but efficient devices cost a lot of money and although these are now, since January 2012, covered by Estonian Health Insurance Fund, the regularly updated processors that go with the implants and, indeed, other accessories however, remain the responsibility of the parents of the implanted children . Audiere, funded by generous donators, has helped over 70 children and a few adults with covering the costs of both the actual implants and the accessories.

We experienced a wonderful development in spring 2011: for the first time in Estonia, a brave little girl had two implants inserted simultaneously. Further seven children had their second implant inserted in 2011 by Doctor Maris Suurna and her team and three more children received the first implant.

The Audiere non-profit organisation has no labour costs as all of the members of the management board are volunteers. 

From April 2004 to this day, the non-profit organisation ‘Audiere – Estonian Centre for Rehabilitation of Sensory Organs’ has the following members of the management board, who are also the active founding members of the association: Anne Maisvee, Sirle Karu and Elis Pikmets.



We mourn the loss of Professor Mart Kull, a founding member and the unforgettable leader of the Audiere non-profit organisation. 


 Our heartfelt thanks go out to all those who support us – you inspire us to carry on.