Third-year special education student wins Audiere scholarship for audiology studies in UK

Marleen Jõemets, a special education student in her third year of studies at the University of Tartu, has been awarded an Audiere scholarship to study audiology at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. The scholarship, which was established on the initiative of the NGO Audiere and with the support of the Association of Estonian Audiologists supports the training of audiologists in Southampton.

Hearing science is not taught in Estonia and no specialists in the field had emerged in the last twenty years before the initiative.The need for modern audiologists, however, is constantly increasing in the country as the number of patients suffering from early-  and age-related deafness is on the rise. Audiologists also deal with the care and rehabilitation of the deaf and patients with cochlear implants as well as patients with vestibular problems.

Marleen Jõemets begins her studies in Southampton as the fifth Audiere scholar in autumn 2017. Master’s programmes in audiology at the University of Southampton are led by Dr Daniel Rowan.

The sole contributor to the Audiere scholarship fund of 2017 is state operated Archimedes Foundation. The scholarship was presented by at a special ceremony held on 21 June at the residence of the British ambassador to Estonia HE Theresa Bubbear.